Our mission is simple:

1. save the sea turtles

2. empower women and men to feel comfortable and confident on and off their yoga mats with comfy yoga pants

If you love traveling, ocean conservation, yoga, empowerment, or just love PI and you tell everyone about us anyways - then we want you as an Ambassador!

Our community is near and dear to our hearts and we want to bring it closer together by having you as an Ambassador. 

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The Ambassador Promise

Spread the Love

Empower the women and men in your life with positive affirmations.

Tell your friends and family about PI on social media and hook them up with your customized discount code!

Save the Turtles

Make a conscious effort to reduce your use of single use plastics and encourage your friends to do the same.

 Click here to learn more how you can help with ocean conservation.

Get Rewarded

Every time someone uses your code you get $5 store credit towards your next purchase.

Combine your store credit to get free pants!

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